Sunday, November 1, 2009

Land Ho!!!!

When I left AD I had to make some serious choices on what was important to me and what was but what had to stay. I gave about 3/4 of the household items away to whom ever came by for the most part. It was interesting trying to figure out what I couldn't live with out. If it was made in China I could get it in America but if it were made somewhere else I tried really hard to send it in the crate. I had 10 cubic meters of space or 2500lbs which ever came first. So I was looking for things of volume and stuffed them full of things of weight. All in all it wasn't much that I brought for the amount of space I had.
One of the two wooden crates with my name on it.
A few of the boxes in the living room.
Just a few see.....

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