Saturday, August 29, 2009

My new Razzle Dazzle Berry Mobile

Mr. Sam, I promise to never take my new RDB Mobile to the pool. Ever. I know what happens to my phones when I take them to the pool. It will stay in my jimmy Choo until I get out of any area that might cause it to go into the pool. Love You.......

Mr. Sam goes to the bank

So is this something Mr. Sam wants??? He's getting the no 1 sales pitch of the year from Mr. Tedro.
Hook line and sinker....
It will be nice for the LONNNNNNNNNNG trip across America.

Buyers remorse usually hits Mr. Sam anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Some anxiety hit the day after with some undisguised stuff about the car. But Mr. Sam in his ability to work out problems did a great job making Mr. Tedro understand what is what. Good job dear !!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This weeks agenda

Monday- dentist, look for a car dentist- done, looked for and bought a car- done
Tuesday- get new phones, done
Thursday- , go to the dentist again,
Friday- hopefully some other maintenance work appointments, dr. appointments , go to idaho,
Rock and Roll Party
I keep you updated on the check list of things that need to be done. Stay tuned

Random Pictures of the last 24 hours

TJ playing his beloved Baseball, oops I mean softball which isn't as beloved as Baseball.
Two little elves helping with the laundry.
The winner of the Crit down town Salt Lake today. Round and round they went for 90 minutes between 2 city blocks downtown. Lots of energy and lots of fast bikes.
Back to the green of America. I have been suffering with dry nose, cough, congestion, trying to sleep in dead air that doesn't move. They all tell me its not hot and stuffy, I tell them it is. They tell me my ovaries aren't working well. Huh, well thats rude.

3 years 10 months in the desert and no tan line, how do you do it Mr. Sam?

After almost 24 hours of flying and on his third airport he arrives to signal the return to America. Mr. Sam didn't know he was being taped he said he would have done a dance or raised his hands and shouted "I'm Back". So this is the look we got when he reached us. We gathered up the 3 - 70lb. bags that was left to bring here from what was left over in the villa. The afternoon was filled with bike racing and seeing kids all over. Jet Lag hit us both Saturday night fairly early and were awake about 2am thinking its going to be a long night. I farmed on Farmtown and he pretended to be asleep and not annoyed by what I was doing.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Beginning

Well this is the start of the new life today when Mr. Sam officially returns home to America. His return will signal the start the new life of ours. It's been a great ride and we are sad to leave the desert but looking ahead to the new cold, mostly cold anyway life we will have in the

Hopefully I will be able to give you an insight of the good things that happen when major changes in our life take place. I really don't have a thing to complain about but sometimes I think of my needs before others (sorry a bad fault). I have my health and my family. What more does anyone need . Nothing, the rest is all extra stuff.......The cold weather will be a shock to both our systems and will be the biggest adjustment of all. So come on board with us in the next few weeks to see the changes that come our way. I hope to find things interesting and blog worthy.