Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Together Again

My step father Carl Anderson died on October 26,2010
He had 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. His grandsons carried him from the pickup just like he wanted.
Carl was admit about having a pine box. He had found someone in Red Lodge that built them and 3 years ago when we planned his funeral he handed me this newspaper article with the web sight and said put me in this. So here is the web site for anyone that is interested: www.cowboycoffins.com Before the funeral the boys branded the coffin with his brand. I told them to press lightly please we weren't prepared for a cremation.
Welcome home and we will miss you but I'm Mom is surprised to see you so soon!!

Lauren gets her first ride

Sarah told Lauren to kick and scream if Grandpa tried to make her get in the new airplane. She cried when her ride was done and wanted to go for another one. Well that didn't take much for her Gramps to get her back in the co pilot seat. He said she should be flying by the time she is 10. Poor Sarah.
I drove up on a hill and took pictures from the pickup. I rode with him once and that was enough. He remembered and wasn't interested in getting me in the plane.
Hi Lauren, don't have to much fun with out your mom.

Craig coming home with the new 180

I had to go and clear the runway of the deer. I thought that they were kidding me when we went to do this. But they serious. The runway light are on and we just are waiting for the right sound.
Ha, there he is he turned on his lights just in time to see him. You could hear him about 5 miles from the landing strip.
It was getting dark so quickly and he landed it smoothly and all is well.
He looks a little tired but happy with his trip. He flew over Utah coming back and asked me "what were all the rocks in Utah?" I guess he saw all the national parks.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Secret Meeting Place

I'm going to be on the ramiumtum overlooking THE TREE...
Don't forget this tree. Directions turn left off of the main road, go for 500 meters and then a right hand corner, go past the first PP and look to your left by the picnic tables.
The great and spaceous place ... Don't get lost out there. Focus people.
Don't forget I'll save you your spot, family.

The girls turn 5

Bubs lost his girly hair and got a real boy hair cut.
Auntie Hannah and Uncle Tj
Aubrey and Auntie Hannah
Sissy carrying her bowling ball at the bowling party.
Thanks for coming everyone and thanks for the presents.

Bubsy gets to ride the horrrrse

He thought he was such a smartie. He saw that no one was holding on to the girls (like i could hold on to three) and didn't want me to hold on to him. He kept leaning to one side and laughing like it was funny. Grandma was tired, ginastics and now horrrrses.
Miss Aubrey
this one should have been Sissy.
Go ahead and eat them I dare you!
Bubsy has never seen a duck before until now. He didn't have a thing to say about it but look at them very carefully. He never said a word just kept on walking.

Uncle Bobbie gets married to Aunt Sarah

Papa dancing with Aubrey I think?
Sissy posing for me.
Oh look at that face. He is trouble from the word go. I have some training to do with him when i get back. Say Grandma and I'll give you an MnM. It worked for kisses.
The happy couple Robbie and Sarah Stone

Grandma goes to Ginastics

Miss Sissy AKA Isabelle.
Miss Aubrey. Grandma didn't get very many pictures because she was outside with Bubba because he was sneaking off all the time as Grandmas was trying to watch us and take pictures. Bubba wanted to do ginastics with us. They went to look at trucks.

Hiking to Dog Lake

The girls had a great time and didn't complain once that I can remember. Now ask your self did I complain? YES! To far and I still don't like to hike.
Papa and Bubba throwing rocks in the lake looking for that dog.
Happy girls..
The four that made it half way and then left due to the fact it was taking to long and Paul, Leah , Jack and Charlie were going to miss their flight back to DC after the wedding.