Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And then there were "Three"

Elder P got a call sunday that he wasn't expecting. The MP came to our fair town and called him to be the AP to the Mission. Surprised was an understatement but very humbling. He has never been a ZL so he has to do some quick learning and lots of training because next week is transfers so he will be ready to take the lead. I chatted with him and told him to continue to be him and he will do great things. So there are three at home waiting for me to get home. We will have the three till transfers on the 8th when our new house mouse arrives. To sit back and watch this all takes place is such an amazing experience. Thank you parents for raising such great young men. We love them dearly.

Our Man Baby

The Crew with Auntie Hanna. They love her and love going to her house.
Man baby is a big boy. He loves his mom and loves being happy.
He is about ready to crawl which is amazing. He is so squishy. He loves to roll all over and get to where he wants and so happy when he is in the middle of the crowd at home.
Those cheeks just kill me. He is such a good baby.

Bread Making

I told the Elders about "the boss"and home made bread. The four needed something to give to the people they teach and so it was pretty simple in my eyes what they needed to learn to do. They made one batch by hand and the other batch by the Bosh. Both worked well , so well in fact 2 loafs out of 8 never made it out the door.
It was kind of like picking the best apple to give to others so they sacrificed the loafs that didn't make grade in appearance. It all tasted just as good with the lb of honey butter and jar of strawberry jam covering it. They had a fun morning and have continued to make bread to give to the people they meet.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Humpty Hump Day

One year ago, this fearless young man walked into the MTC and came out a missionary/superman. Everyday I'm amazed at the miracles that take place. Happy Valentines Day to all the Mom's of my Elder's. I tried to get some nice photo's of them but one just kept coming up looking a little goofy. I will keep trying.
Our new Elder G . He is an Idaho farm boy and a really hard worker. He has only been here about a week now so we are still trying to get him comfortable and trying to get him to relax a little. Oh it won't take long and he will be forging like the rest of them.
The California Elder loves to giggle and keeps us all laughing. He is so happy and so up beat. I need to be more like him and laugh more.
This Idaho boy for the life of him just couldn't resist. Every picture seriously . He is the life of the party. My goodness he even gets "the boss" smiling. I will keep trying.......
Hump Days, Birthdays , Click Days, P Days and what ever else day they can think of is their special day. They get to choose what they want for dinner and they get to say the prayer!!!!! I think we are going to have another Hump Day dinner next week for Elder G since I wasn't here for his on Dec 15. Everyone needs their special days.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog's Day in Iowa

It is pretty isn't it? It's a gray day. There is going to be open hunting season next week on the moles in my grass. There seems to be a whole village that has sprung up in the last couple of months. Since we have no snow (not complaining) we can where the tunneling has taken over my grass.
We have i believe at least 6 dogs next door. There is an invisible fence The four you see here are the most annoying dogs ever. They bark constantly. Why would you let your dogs continually bark all day long. I just don't get it.