Friday, February 8, 2013

The End of an Era...

 The End , the last companion,the last morning, the last BB , the last ride, the last DP.  These two are very photogenic.  I must say this is a great picture.
 Did you get the Pepper in?
 There is still the fire...
 Smiling always...
 Companionless, headed home
 Elder M meet your best friend from home....
 Elder S only 11 more weeks left
 Elder S, the father on the left with the Gfather in the middle and the son on the right..
 Elder W and his new greenie
Holding on for dear life.................what a ride.

Another Last Supper

 Cafe Rio Night at the Casa
 And how many DP (cherry) did you have?
 Deer in the headlights...
 Milk keeps you healthy and strong
 Sorry I didn't have one of you looking up...hahah.  So glad you were enjoying dinner.
 The 5th Elder(the ultimate Hawkeye fan)
Full and ready for the next 48 hours ahead.