Thursday, November 26, 2009

More of Washington

Abraham Lincoln at Night

A night time photo session was a really nice night. There was no wind and no rain , the air was clean and you could see the stars. It was a little brisk but tolerable with a wool sweater and a hoodie. Did that sound like I'm adjusting to this weather?
The lighting was really good. I would like to spend some more time there taking some more shots.
The Washington Obelisk is defiantly a land mark for the DC metro area.

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Quick Stroll Down the National Mall

The White House is still picturesque and stately. I want to get a tour but I didn't plan in advance to well. I guess you have to go through your congressmen and be recommended and then go through a back round check. So I will find out the details on how the take care of this and have it on the list of things to do next time I'm here. I thought it would be fun to go see the Christmas decorations but I guess not this year.
This fella was out side the White House gate and he was one gnarly dude. He has some hardware on him that I think might have taken down a whole herd of elephants. Maybe he was on a hunt in the White House grounds. I only got one picture I didn't want him to yell at me. Yikes!!!!
The Washington Monument standing tall and as a land mark to which direction you need to go.
The capital building is a good tour. We went through it a few years ago so I didn't bother to go to close. We are going to go back to the National Mall again to see the other presidents and will post later.

Museum Row in DC

If I had about a week to blow I would spend it at the Smithsonian. It goes for ever and has so much in it that if i went a few minutes each day it might take a year to see everything . I have a week don't I? I have lots of weeks. I better get on it.
We went to see the movie Julie and Julia. It was so fun and inspiring. Made me want to cook. Sam is not around much so i need to maybe go sign up to cook for the homeless.
Did you know Judy Garland was on 16 when she did the movie "The Wizard of Oz"? What you can learn in DC.....
This is me don't see me very often but i had to have a picture of me in the kitchen of my cooking inspiration this week.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Harper's Ferry West Virginia

Leah posing for me , she is very photogenic and fun to take pictures with.
This is from the West Virginia side looking at the Shenandoah River side to Maryland.
Leah and her signature smile.
The Family , Leah and Charlie, Jack and Paul

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Harvest Bread Co. of Herdon, Virginia

The area of Herdon is a quaint place with little streets and lots of little shops. Paul makes bread at Great Harvest between the hours of 4am and 12 noon. He rides his bikes through the woods and through the dell each morning. So if you live in the area go say hi to him and his crew. They will give you a free slice of bread to enjoy.
This is the Kneading Team of Great Harvest of Herdon. Kyle, Sally, Paul and James. They knead over 1000 loaves a day. Next week with the holiday they will pick up the time and pace up to 1500 loaves.
Paul, the Baker Man and his Cinnamon Roll Bread.Paul ( AKA Wesley) kneading his orange cranberry size D loaves......................heheheheh

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crossing the Mighty Mississip,,,,,

I woke up this morning all stressed and I had to think what was I dreaming about last night? It was crossing the river on the way back Nauvoo. It kind of gave me the hibbyjebbies. It was one of those bridges at Fort Madison (where the state penitentiary is) that when a big boat goes through you have to wait and the bridge moves and goes up and around and so when I was on it I was like holding my breath. I was in the middle of the thing and I thought Oh maybe I could swim to the side of the river if I got unfortunately put in the river. Kind of a morbid thought I know. Then I thought shoot I haven't even had any supplemental D yet.
It's most defiantly moving water. Kind of makes me want to put on a life jacket when I cross.
This was kind of spooky, but I took it for the Big D team.
The road was like this the rest of the way back to Muscrat. The farmers were working like mad men trying to get the corn and soy beans harvested. They have regular grass in the green area that is mowed with their pimped out JD mowers that EVERYONE has.

In Search of the Supreme Vitamin D

It was one of those days when you just get sick of everything you have done for the last 5 days and need a break and the sun was shinning so I got in the car in search of the Supreme D. One can take a picture while driving here since the sides of the roads are all grass and the most distance you can go is the corn field and the other is there isn't any cars most of the time.
Before I knew it the car had taken me to Nauvoo, Illinois. It was a lovely drive and seemed to know where to take me.
Fudge oh man fudge is great. I could smell it out side. I wasn't big on the stuff years ago but once in a while its a wonderful boost to the lack of the big D in my life. Since leaving AD the sunshine has been sparse so I will have to search for alternative sources now that I'm in America. I got on the mailing list for the holidays. Anyone lacking?????
I didn't taste them till I got home. I wanted to really enjoy the big D surge but not while I was driving. I ideal thing would be to sit in the recliner, have a cold frosty Diet coke (but I have been through all the steps of a reformed DC drinker 4 years ) and my little knife to cut little morsels of the delectable Vitamin -D.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She Is Back!!!

Were have you been hiding? You look so good. I'm glad you made the voyage with out any needed repairs.
We are back with all the needed electronics to keep the grandma motivated as she watched the cooking shows. 30 minutes today at about 75% just so I can walk tomorrow. Oh how I love her......

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Land Ho!!!!

When I left AD I had to make some serious choices on what was important to me and what was but what had to stay. I gave about 3/4 of the household items away to whom ever came by for the most part. It was interesting trying to figure out what I couldn't live with out. If it was made in China I could get it in America but if it were made somewhere else I tried really hard to send it in the crate. I had 10 cubic meters of space or 2500lbs which ever came first. So I was looking for things of volume and stuffed them full of things of weight. All in all it wasn't much that I brought for the amount of space I had.
One of the two wooden crates with my name on it.
A few of the boxes in the living room.
Just a few see.....

Do we Keep it?

Hey guys look what I found in the boxes? Dad's old farm hat. It's a bit smashed but it has all the original sweat marks and dirt from the farm. He wants to get rid of it and I told him no. He see's no need in keeping it. I think I should find him a Saturday job driving a tractor around here. I'm sure there are enough to go around. I think he would even do it free just for the thrill. Does anyone want this for future generations??? I need a response so please let me know.