Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crossing the Mighty Mississip,,,,,

I woke up this morning all stressed and I had to think what was I dreaming about last night? It was crossing the river on the way back Nauvoo. It kind of gave me the hibbyjebbies. It was one of those bridges at Fort Madison (where the state penitentiary is) that when a big boat goes through you have to wait and the bridge moves and goes up and around and so when I was on it I was like holding my breath. I was in the middle of the thing and I thought Oh maybe I could swim to the side of the river if I got unfortunately put in the river. Kind of a morbid thought I know. Then I thought shoot I haven't even had any supplemental D yet.
It's most defiantly moving water. Kind of makes me want to put on a life jacket when I cross.
This was kind of spooky, but I took it for the Big D team.
The road was like this the rest of the way back to Muscrat. The farmers were working like mad men trying to get the corn and soy beans harvested. They have regular grass in the green area that is mowed with their pimped out JD mowers that EVERYONE has.


  1. Put me on your Christmas list for A VISIT. We'll make the fudge together.

    The trip to Nauvoo sounded quite relaxing.

    And I definitely need to see a pic of a pimped out JD!