Monday, December 31, 2012

Thirtyish something days.....

He is headed home ladies in just a few shorts weeks.  He is doing well and working hard to make it the best.  He still is tidy and can clean up his own mess. He has a funny streak about him and and I think he would be a real catch. He has some great skills and I think he still remembers how to make home made bread.   If you are interested in communicating with him you can send me a text with your address and Ill send his.  I forgot to mention after his Momma Gwen has hugged him enough for 2 years first!!

Our Newest Residents....


New, but not new to the mission bungalow,  Elder P.  and his new fresh and crisp Elder W is  right out of the MTC.   He is from Logandale Nevada.  When Elder P goes home in 6 weeks , Elder W will take over and be in charge when we are gone.  Elder P is still walking around with a big smile on his face.  He is getting geared up for the final push....  

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Companions

 New Resident ZL's
 Retired ZL Elder S
 Elder S and his new companion
 Elder H and new companion (baby face)
 Repeat companions Elder D and S
 New AP Elder M (right) and old Elder M on the left
 Companionless but headed home to find a new one.
 A couple of shots for his Papa M (showing his pearly whites)
Do you see the flex?
Oh Elder H I missed you the first 2 minutes you were gone.  Who is going to pack the car???????  

Instead of one leaving they both leave to open a new spot for a new trainer and greenie

 Elder H after 7 1/2 months was expected to leave but the call came that both were leaving to open a new area for a new trainer and his greenie.  I wasn't expecting Elder W to leave and so it was a quick re-.adjustment for 2 new ones in coming. Never a dull moment in this household.
 Elder H and his companion and he headed west to Des Moines.
Elder W and his new companion and he headed north to Fayette.    Transfers continue to be hard and I get so used to them being around.  I depended on these two for so much.  Elder H was my "McGiver"  he fixed anything and saw what needed to be done and just did it.  Elder W provided me with music, he could make a ukulele sound like a jazz guitar.  I'm going to miss these two.  They both have promised to come back and visit. 

My World revolves around them..

Nothing better than new jammies on Christmas Eve..

The re-enactiment....

 It came upon a midnight clear
 Joseph and Mary and the baby Jesus
 The Angel appears to Joseph
 In all an angels glory....
 Disappearing shepherd
Joseph won the costume award this year.  

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Babies

 Isabelle and Aubrey
 Zander and Sawyer
 The Boys
The Gang

The Girls in a Lehi Frenzy Swim Meet

 Not sure who is who but its my two girls, Aubrey and Isabelle
 I think this is Aubrey doing back stroke
 Sissy was in lane 1 on the first swim
 Hummmm ?
 I think its Aubrey
 I think Isabelle
 No idea
 Aubrey possibly
Isabelle maybe???I'll correct this when I talk to their Mom....

Denver Botanical Gardens

 Paul and Leah trying to stay warm
 The light were so pretty but it was so cold, we had to keep moving fast other wise it was a so cold it would give you a headache. ugg
 This picture reminds me of the "tree of life".
 The colors were so fun
I think must have a pretty sturdy hand with out a tri pod...

Heapster and Wadsi bulb replacement service

 This was over the stairway so there was a lot of "be careful" "don't fall"
 So now they think making ballerina moves is going to make it easier and me quieter.  hah
 The tallest in the house gets to replace the highest bulb..
Dusting all the cob webs and making the room much brighter after replacing 6 light bulbs...

West Palm Beach

 I wanted to see the beach, it was lovely, temps were great and there was blue sky.
 Not many beach goers, in November Floridians think its cold.
 Beautiful area were we rented bikes and rode for about 5 miles
I think I could do this for a month or two a year....