Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh Man 21 Here I Come .....

 Birthday Elder H in charge of the grill...
 Elders W and S starving, can't you hurry it up?
 Cherry Cheese Braid turned out pretty good  but not as good as Mom's .
 Ribs and Orange  Jello with mandarin oranges and little marshmallows and Red mashed potatoes.
 Bunch of Odd Balls... gezzz
 My rib is cleaner than yours...... nananana
 Someone was having a hard time with all the attention, but he got over it.
 So many candles are they all mine?
 Yea, so much
 Jerky from home and I'm not sharing...(he shares everything)
 Dress up time, yes!!
 What a bunch of hose heads.....
 Oh of course it doesn't fit!!
 So special..
Elder H's first date when he gets home, so excited.
Great Day to turn 21..


I can't believe I that!!!!  Elder S in complete shock that his first cinnamon experience. Elder C standing by proud of his first time students achievements.  The Friday bread  weekly planning time is now in its 9 month continued  successful door ice breaker.  If I could have made a you tube video of the process I promise it would have gone viral.  Priceless