Monday, January 21, 2013

Ode to the Hands the have prepared it...

 Greasing the hands is done with vigor....
 He is learning to separate evenly between 5 pans..
 Deep thought and pondering on who shall receive them today...
 Elder W is a quick learner, the top needs to look good..
 The many faces of the parable of the bread..
 So Happy
 Yes, it looks good doesn't it Mom?
 The Model pose
 To the Hands..........

 Yes they wash many times during the process to keep things clean..
 Yes he did this..

 in Chicago(really Muscatine)
 The  pops..
 The next generation..
And I taught him......

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Exchanges ya right...

 Somebody is glad to be home for waffles and pancakes...
 Elder R a returnee from the summer
 Just reliving the dream..
 Yes, Im full...
And what are we doing today?  You all know who they really came to see???

Another lovely morning in the kitchen

 Getting it out of the bowl is a tough thing.  They are hesitant in getting their hands in it.  It makes me laugh.  They sometimes look at me and I just tell them I'm not going to be at home to do it for you so learn to do it now.
 Cracking a few jokes makes it always interesting.
 Now its time for some waffles and pancakes......
 Are you lookin at me?
 Yup pretty much all gone...
This pose is some inside joke I fun here

Shelf of Fame

 On the window shelfs high above the action in the kitchen we have the Hall of Fame
We are now on #11 and #12 in the house.  I have enough windows to put about 60 more pictures.  That is a scary thought.  

Saturday, January 5, 2013

In the kitchen again......

 Elder P had forgotten it all ......... he had faint recollection of what to do.  Slowly it was coming back.  They all seems to laugh when they give the dough a little slap to get the bubbles out.  They give it an extra few just for good measure.
 B-E  B-E  A-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E  !!!!!  The dough was a titch over whelming for humm  B-E  A-G-R-E-S-I-V-E.
 First time after 11 months for old Elder P and his newby Elder W.
 Bread in the face?  Don't even think it Elders.....
 Ok Girls,   he still has the skill of homemade bread making.  In just a few several short weeks he will be opening bread making class for PW's..
 Pretty pleased with himself wouldn't you say?
Bread yum !  5 blessed individuals weren't hungry last night......

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wild New Years Eve ...not really

 Elder W on his second pizza and showing us some of his sweet skills of eye brow dancing.
 Elder A on his second ... cheese and a sprinkle of green peppers...  Is eating a cheese pizza worth the calories???
 Elder A from Alpine, letting it all settle so he has room for the ice cream and cookies
 The "Boss " partaking of his personal pizza made to his liking.
 Being the one willing to brave the 5 degrees out on the deck we salute you and are greatful.
 Chicken and Alfredo pizza Yummy!!

Who is so thankful to be here and who will soon figure that out???