Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On the Road Again......

I know I shouldn't have taken this picture while driving but I looked first to see if anyone was coming and there wasn't a car that I could see in front of me or one in back so I did it.
1200 miles of this road . Not much to see or do while driving, had the music cranked and did a little karaoke and talked to my self and to anyone who would answer their phone when I called. I need to get more numbers on my RDB mobile so you can get a call. Leave me a note if you want me to have your number. I only talk on the blue tooth thingie in the car so I have two hands on the wheel and I don't text while driving. I can hardly do that when I'm not driving.

Mr. Sam's New Digs

Mr. Sam got his new furniture for his office today and he had me come down and check things out. He has got to get all his stuff up on the walls and some of the stuff he hasn't had in if office for some time needs to be gotten out of storage. I'll take a picture once it's all done.
This building has been out cave for the last month. We have the bottom floor thank goodness. We have decided to stay in Muscatine for the winter and see how things go there. We are going to move into another apartment but a little bigger on the same floor. Its about 1000 sq ft. The one we are in is about the size of a closet.
Muscatine has lots of roads that lead to little area's like this one. It was at the right time of the day to get this photo. The trees will be changing soon and be very pretty and then the trees will be bare and dead looking. Maybe I will get a job raking leaves for someone.
Just another day in Muscatine as I drive to Wallmart. There were about 20 of them in aline. Not sure what they were doing but just kind of driving around town.
Mr. Sam dreams about driving a tractor around. Maybe there is a club in town I can enroll him in that just drives around town one day a week. He would really dig that. He might even talk you into letting him go to the field and plow up something if you wanted. Love you Mr. Sam

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another "I" state here I come......

By night fall the "Pearl of the Mississippi was found and our journey was over. 5 days and 6 states later. 1500 miles , the car still works but it had a lot of bugs on it. Who will wash it? Mr. Sam who?
Straight roads....
and lots of windmills.

Nebraska Cornhusking

The corn fields started when we crossed the border and they kept coming.
and coming..........

We stopped and stayed in Grand Island and had dinner with Craig and Jennifer. We had some good laughs and about the entrepreneurial inspiration Jennifer was having while she was there. We attended church the next morning in Grand Island and then we were on our way to our final destination.

South Dakota land of the brave or maybe the un informed.

Minuteman Missile Silo in the middle of the state that is open to the public. The tour was full but there was a cell phone tour we listened to.
This is a replica of a jackalope only found in SD.
Wall South Dakota is famous for this place and I recommend it to anyone driving though that you stop and check it out. There was a good fudge store there and I only bought a 1/4 of a lb. Just for tasting on the road.
We went to see if President Obama was there yet and sadly enough his face isn't there yet.

Wyoming well what can I say.......

It's big , blue and not much there.
This swimming pool caught my eye as we drove by it. Mr.Sam and I both commented on the fact that the "Burg" will never figure out how to get one of these, but a little town in the middle of no where can get it together enough to enjoy it for the community. I think it was in Wyoming but it could have been in South Dakota. You know when everything looks the same its hard to keep track of what state your in.
Why isn't there any South Button here? It's a conspiracy I'm sure.

Montana, the big sky country

South Eastern Montana is pretty bleak with not much to look at. You wonder where are all the cars.
We visited with Carl for 2 days and had a big party and invited all the fishing buddies over for dinner and I think everyone was to full to stay and play a 15 round of dominos. Mom's headstone had arrived and is in the back of the pickup waiting to be set at the cemetery. It's pretty colorful with the strawberries. Since Mom was the Queen of Strawberry's and her jam making I only thought it was fitting for her to be remembered for her great accomplishments this way. Craig will set the stone when he returns from Nebraska soon. Three states in two days ....... on the road again

The next state was Ihhhhado, we are taking a short cut east.

Idaho the Gem state, checking out the old digs, reliving a life a few years back and I think this is the first time Sam and I have been in the "Burg"together since we left that eventful day back in "03" when we crossed the Lorenzo Bridge on the wee hours of July 24. We visited with some friends and had dinner and then were on our way to the next state late that night.
Man we built a nice house, its for sale again. I'ts been sitting again for some time. I secretly put a jinks on the place when I left.
Look at those trees, they were trigs 15 years ago.
The grass is still nice and looks very inviting. The trees look so nice and have covered the areas that were needed.

The migration East????? No don't make me go please.

My first snack. I ate part of it and then looked at it for a while. Since when did they make them so fat?
Mr. Sam in chauffeur mode. Very serious.
I didn't want to get to close it would show the wrinkles and crevasses. I did get my hair cut though. I had to do something to get me jump started on all of this. I just needed a good shopping trip but as you can see there was no room to put anything in the car. Not even an old Navy bag.
I was looking at this for a long time, but I......