Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mr. Sam's New Digs

Mr. Sam got his new furniture for his office today and he had me come down and check things out. He has got to get all his stuff up on the walls and some of the stuff he hasn't had in if office for some time needs to be gotten out of storage. I'll take a picture once it's all done.
This building has been out cave for the last month. We have the bottom floor thank goodness. We have decided to stay in Muscatine for the winter and see how things go there. We are going to move into another apartment but a little bigger on the same floor. Its about 1000 sq ft. The one we are in is about the size of a closet.
Muscatine has lots of roads that lead to little area's like this one. It was at the right time of the day to get this photo. The trees will be changing soon and be very pretty and then the trees will be bare and dead looking. Maybe I will get a job raking leaves for someone.
Just another day in Muscatine as I drive to Wallmart. There were about 20 of them in aline. Not sure what they were doing but just kind of driving around town.
Mr. Sam dreams about driving a tractor around. Maybe there is a club in town I can enroll him in that just drives around town one day a week. He would really dig that. He might even talk you into letting him go to the field and plow up something if you wanted. Love you Mr. Sam

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