Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Temple Trip

 It was a great day...
 Elder M and W
 A trainer and greenie have this bond between them that is a lifetime.
 Band of Brothers

Mt Timp What was I thinking?????


Swimming Time presenting Lois first swimming lesson

 I can't believe you did that Grandma!!!!
 Its not to bad...
 Like I can tell who is who...
 Sawyer likes to play ring around the rosie with grandma.
Zander has the floating down, now that I'm here we are going to kick it up a notch...

April transfers

 Elder K leaving us to soon..... on the bigger and better.   ZL
 Elders W and K , their last morning
 Elders R and F going home....
 Elders F and S going home...
 Elder M headed out for his new assignment ZL
 Lock and Load Boys lets get going..

Elder K and his new companion Elder H...headed west

Oh Shoot..

Someone got 4 letters from girls and someone else didn't get any....... poor thing

My breakfast order interpretation ...

This is actually really funny.  At the airport restaurant I ordered an omelette with everything.  I got an omelette with everything all right.  I think a little of everything on the menu.  Literal translation at its best.

Abu Dhabi and Doha

 I probably have 2k pictures of AD so I don't think any more posted are needed.
 This is one of my favorites that was taken the morning I left for America to go home in 2009
 In Doha went to the Corniche where they have all the most expensive of the most expensive parked.  7 of these things were parked in the car park.  All brand new..
The Sheridan Hotel is where the Boss knows most of the staff in all the stays he has had there.  I took in some pool time on the last day there and enjoyed the time there.

The Best of India

The Taj Mahal worth the 4 hours of bad roads and bad AC.
Kelly and Pete are Mission President in New Delhi.  It was a great day for a visit .
A was very pretty.  They immortalize with beautiful structures.  
The gate way to India
The President's Palace
There were so many photo opts at the Taj
We arrived at 5:30 am to get the first light and to try and beat the 15,000 that see the Taj each day. I was the 6th woman in line.  Yes here you get in line according to gender and nationality.
I had visions of me driving these tuk tuks... it would have been pretty fun.
I love this door...
So many different pictures..
This is from the Taj and looking back at the beginning of the 15,000 visitors.
The Boss posing like a pro.
To much light. The other picture was the one i wanted instead of this one.
Our guide took this on the Princess Diana bench.
The reflection was in all the water.
Perfect light..
This was about 8am and the light had taken over the Taj
It was a beautiful morning.
The monkeys were everywhere.