Friday, October 5, 2012

October Transfers WOW!!!!!!

 Load em up and head em out.... I wish i had everything i needed in a few suitcases. That is the life.
 Dont you love the yellow of that tree in the back round.
 "Holy Crap" as Elder C so boldly stated, was caught off guard  in his announcement that he was headed back with Elder R.  Do you think they are excited or what?  They will rock your world people talk to them.  
 Who is this?  What???
 Elder H all smiles with his look a like  Elder Archie , singing their heat out!
 Elder H and his newby from the longhorn state, Elder
 Wait a minute I think I know who this is?
 The gangs all back.......
 Do you think Elder C could be any more dorkyer?  But we still love him!   With Elder F , Elder M and Elder

 A little snuggle always helps Elder S after being taken away from his companion  the newest Elder AP M, and of course our favorite Elder R.
 I know him.............
 My three are back together for a moment, Elders, R.C and yes Elder G
Elder R : AP Elder M i'll blow in your ear just this once,  
 The new ZL for our area, Elder S and Elder F
Ok Family, let me introduce you to your new Elder G, and his new companion Elder A  Holy Smokes!!!!!  

Another Last Supper

Elder C "s last supper request was crockpot lasagna , broiled green beans, lots of garlic bread and cookie dough ice cream.  They did pretty well with the full crock pot.  I think they were all pretty hungry.

Tj takes on Ogden Crit

Tj loves to race and the Crit in Ogden was just in time for me to take a picture or two for him.  He did well and had a great time.  

Fairies Welcome at Birthday

 Being a fairy is a fairly fun thing to be especially on your birthday.
 Especially when there are two fairies..
 The fairy Mother fluttered and prepared for many days..
 All the woodland fairies came to the Enchanted Garden. They fluttered and pranced around the garden , snacking and hydrating themselves so to continue their happiness down the road.  (Not sure what I was trying to say but they ate a lot of snacks and drank a lot of sugar drinks)
 The woodland fairies were plenty in the garden to enjoy.

 Cant get enough of that juice...
 Yummy cupcakes with fruits and nuts enjoyed by all.  Isabelle
 Aubrey enjoying the spot light .
 They requested chocolate mint with gnoush frosting and redvelvet with cream cheese frosting.  The top of the cakes were all editable and very delishous.
The Bounty was plenty and will be enjoyed for some time.  Thank you all for such a fun time.

Grandma's Swim Review

 Aubrey and Isabelle are on the Lehi USS Swim Team.  They swim at least 4 days a week and have become much better at swimming.  Practice makes safe swimmers...
 Their coach can't tell who is who so with a little help from the sharpie their caps keep from any confusion of who is who.
 Baby in his first swim lesson with Grandma, I think he likes it..
 Completely fearless...
 Best Buddies ... Grandma when do i get goggles?
 Great form Zander....
 Practicing for Lake Powell.
 Yes I wear my sun glasses in the pool, bad habit I know
 Kick , kick , kick
 Swimming is the best
 back and forth
 Mom get this off please,  I need a snack

I think they are ready for Lake Powell is the lake ready for them?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh holy tomatoes

So many helping hands to do tomatoes...
Such skill and accuracy in cutting tomatoes with a butter knife..
I'm sure glad I don't have to help, I don't like tomatoes..
I like to ride my bicycle...