Friday, October 5, 2012

Fairies Welcome at Birthday

 Being a fairy is a fairly fun thing to be especially on your birthday.
 Especially when there are two fairies..
 The fairy Mother fluttered and prepared for many days..
 All the woodland fairies came to the Enchanted Garden. They fluttered and pranced around the garden , snacking and hydrating themselves so to continue their happiness down the road.  (Not sure what I was trying to say but they ate a lot of snacks and drank a lot of sugar drinks)
 The woodland fairies were plenty in the garden to enjoy.

 Cant get enough of that juice...
 Yummy cupcakes with fruits and nuts enjoyed by all.  Isabelle
 Aubrey enjoying the spot light .
 They requested chocolate mint with gnoush frosting and redvelvet with cream cheese frosting.  The top of the cakes were all editable and very delishous.
The Bounty was plenty and will be enjoyed for some time.  Thank you all for such a fun time.

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