Friday, March 18, 2011

Swimming with Grandma

We did some swimming in Lehi a few weeks ago. The girls are going to try and make the summer swim team this year. They should be ready for try outs in May and we hope they make it. Zander had a couple of lessons with Grandma. He really loves his mom so he thought maybe she should get him out of a few tough moments but we always know who wins that battle. He will be a dandy swimmer by summer.

2011 Iowa Blizzard

This is the back parking lot of my apartment complex. The morning after was quite the sight to see. Cars were covered and snow was 10 ft high in some of the drifting spots. I didn't venture out to far than this for the next 5 days. My car was in the garage so there was no way to get out anyway. Mr Sam missed all the fun again this year. Lucky him.

Leah freezing to death...

Jack needed desperately to get out of the house and get some excise. It was the middle of January and it didn't look cold but I'll tell you it was biting cold. We couldn't even walk him to the end of the street with out turning around and coming back quickly. Why we thought this would be a a good thing for Jack to run him up and down the street hooked to the back of the bike I guess. He actually thought it was kind of fun but Leah and Charlie were freezing to death. They did about 5 run bys and that was about all the neighborhood could handle with all the noise Charlie was giving Jack for thinking this was fun and Leah was freezing. FYI not more than 12 hours later there was 18 inches of snow on the ground and we had no electricity.