Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy ? yes just sleepy

Vacationing " The Boss" aka Mr Sam, Papa, So do you think he should grow out his beard to this? I think so. He would fit in better to his international life.

The Entertainers

"Baby" aka Sawyer, Soy, Chunkers
Bubba aka Zander If smile doesn't melt your heart I don't know what would. And his middle name is "Oh my".
Cowgirls Isabelle and Aubrey

My Stars....

Melissa and Steve
Annaliese and Tj
Robbie and Sarah
Paul and Leah

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A New Day

Change is always stressful. The next few days new friendships will form and long lasting friendships will begin. It is just all such a miracle how this works.
Happy faces make happy elders

The new Head House Mouse

The new HHM , is now Elder P.
And he can Vacumm. Girls take note..

It's done

One last sit in the chair that has his imprint on it.
Almost needed a wench to bring these bags up stairs...but Stash just flexed a little and did it. Girls take note.
He can clean a bathroom, girls take note.
He packed all of his white shirts. I wonder if he thought of taking his hangers?
The snoring machine rested his weary self here. I was going to get a years supply of ear plugs for the lucky soal that has to sleep in the same room with him. The forest he cuts down is huge every night. Some times he really gets into the sawing and I can hear him from my room.

Stash doing his last stairway to heaven cleaning,,,,

I asked him if he would like to vacuum just one last time the stairway to heaven and he looked at me like I was kidding and then then he realized I wasn't. I said I didn't get it dirty. He did it with a great smile he knows how to use a vacuum.
Vacummn up and hose the corners going down.
Elder P. and Elder S. one last time.
Stash is accumulating a few things , needed an extra bag. I had one great one that was to heavy to use any more since everything has to be weighed on planes. He filled that to the brim. I told him that he won't be able to take that home because you can only put 50lbs in it and the bag its self weights 27 lbs. Useless for airline use. Hence great for moving missionaries.
3 bags, 1 back pack, 1 bike, 1 helmut and two missionaries. He is off ........

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little hotub time

I have often thought that a hot tub would be something that maybe I would use. I still believe that. Holy cow lick .......Spur tending to the women.(lifeguarding)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Big Day Ahead

This is the back of Mitt Romney having a live interview with Fox and Friends. As you can tell I'm sitting just on the left side of him and yes I was on tv the whole interview.
The privilege of meeting Mrs Romney was really great.
This two term senator introducing Mitt Romney was a fire ball. He is from Illinois and is only 31 years old. Single and pretty cute ladies.
Very presidential I think...

I have more pictures to post but its an important day today. Iowa Caucus Day. I must go ride the bike for 60 minutes and then get ready for the day and prepare my speech for tonight's caucus. So excited to be a part of this. I have been fairly involved here with this. I guess its on the bucket list of things to say I have done. My friend Janetta and I got the last picture with Mitt while here in Muscatine.

The weekend at the cabin

Papa "the Boss" got a case of pop in his round of gift giving and taking away.
Auntie Leah and Sissy playing Battleship.
Eating and more eating and waiting for more eating is the thing to do at cabins since there wasn't any snow to go play in outside.
Auntie Sarah and Uncle Bobbie are in charge of making their own personal pan pizza.
Puzzles in poor lighting isn't something i could do this year. That was a head ache just screaming at me NO NO don't do it.

The Brothers

Bubba is learning to be such a great big brother. He only gives his love hugs, squeezes, taps and few pinches here and there.
Bubba the third twin..
Have you ever ? Really ........
Baby to Auntie Hannah: Can I suck on your cheek? Auntie Hannah to Baby: it's not as good as your mom's!!

The After Party

The Elders all stayed at our house New Years Eve so I could keep them safe from the world. After we had our dinner at the members house we came home and enjoyed the last few minutes of 2011 chatting getting ready to bring in the new year. Since they were allowed to stay up late they took advantage of it and had some good laughs. I believe they are either checking out ones zit or are in awe of his facial hair.
Two wishing they had they awesome 5oclock growth at almost midnight and the other thinking they are all goofy.
To the new year 2012. They can now officially say they will be home next year.
Happy New Year Families , sending our love and best wishes. We are doing great!

New Years Eve Random's

The two new Elders in town converse about religion at a New Year's Eve Party????? What are they thinking!
My new House Elder is happy and has a great smile. He is kind and thrilled to be here in Muscatine.
Our old Spanish speaking Elder has been here a transfer but now has a new spanish speaking Idaho Elder.

The Elders at our local members house for Dinner on New Years Eve pulling their typical pranks on each other.

The Ultimate Hawkeye!

In our midst we have the privilege of having our brother and friend Ross. He is the biggest fan of the Iowa Hawkeye's on the planet. This is his attire for his work on bowl game day on Dec 30 for spirit day. The Hawkeye's didn't do as well this year that they have in the past years. Once a true Hawkeye fan you are in for life. With Ross is our new Elder in town. He was almost speechless at the excitement that Ross had. What a moment.

I'm back 2012

I've had a little break from the blog in the last 2 months. I'm ready to take on the days ahead with gusto and make 2012 the best yet...... Yikes that sounds like a commitment to me. I better go get on the bike then.