Monday, July 23, 2012

Pageant Month

 Three of our four hadn't been to the Nauvoo Pageant while on their mission.  They are allowed to go once in the two years and more if they have an investigator with them.  So the cooler was packed with food and lots of cold water and other such items (Capri Sun) were packed in ice and put in the cooler.  Those that have been to Nauvoo know there isn't much in the way of food going on there.  A big buffet at the hotel but no one needs to eat like that on a hot day.  We picked up the Boss at 2pm and we were off.  The four were sound asleep with in minutes just like the old days!!!!!
 Carthage Jail was first on the list after we secured our chairs at the Pageant in Nauvoo.
 Someone was excited.....
 Ironing a shirt is a thing of the past I believe.
 They were trying to behave on the tour...
 Darkness brought on the pinching and picking on each other.

 Good Job Elders
 They are thankful for the sacrifices Joseph Smith has made in their lives and for the opportunity to serve their missions in the area where the he resided for a short time.
 Someone always seemed to be ready
 Dirt in the eye...
 Good Job!
 This one is for his Moma....
 Being werid..
 At the grave site of the Smith Family.  They had the purple flowers in the back round and the setting was so peaceful.  Wish you all could have been there.
 The Instigator
 The Talker
 The Comedian
 The Gatherer
 Still some flowers that haven't died due to the excessive heat
 The Temple on the hill.
A great day, one for the record books...

Tres leches cake the Masters Bakers at work...

 Elder R teaching the others the art of the three milk cake, Tres leches
How many does it take to do it?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July festivities

 Children's Parade, Aubrey prepping her scooter for the morning neighborhood parade.
Isabelle rode her bike this year in the parade.
 Zander with the help of Tj got around the block.
 Sawyer loving every moment of the day
 Zander waiting the fire works to start.
 Isabelle and Aubrey ending their day at Auntie Hannah's house.
Happy Kids make for an end of a Happy Day!!

Slip Slide Away...........

 It was a fun Pday to get wet and cool off .  Elder R got a good thump on this run.
 Chugga Chew Chew.......
 Elder C getting hosed down and soaped up.
 Down he goes out of control.
The spot at the end of the slide was mostly mud after about 30 minutes so on the last ride they made it past the mud and into the trees.

Our own Tour de France Photo

I love this picture of a field of sun flowers.  Our own Elder C took this before he left on his mission.  Location unknown