Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So much to do and so little time

I want time to just stop for a little bit. It is really going to fast here. Before you know it I will be on the plane back. I got to see Marilyn yesterday and her meet her husband Andrew. It was so fun to see her. She is happy that Andrew has finally come and is trying to find a job for him. He has about 5 weeks left to secure a job. With the two working they should be able to bring their two boys over from the Philippines and to finally be a family again. It is so hard being separated from family. I kind of know a little about that unfortunately. It was 37C yesterday and 97% humidity. Just a little sticky. The two things that I saw that were the biggest difference was the parking situation which makes it so much easier to get around and the price of taxis. You know I could get used to having a taxi. You don't have to worry about gas , insurance, car payments. Just pay the driver. The price has gone up but it makes it so much nicer since there are lest cars on the island. You can actually get a taxi now with in a minute or two and the smell wasn't to bad. Of course if you need your sinus cleaned out or you want to see how long you can hold your breath you can still get in a gold taxi and have a death defying trip around town. The city is preparing for the F-1 races in a couple of weeks along with the Ferrari World opening up also. Just missing so fun times coming up. Oh well next time I'll stay longer. I can't seem to get the photo to download so I will try later today on a different network.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

KC Fishmarket

I would have rather had a bowl of Special K....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stanley loves Me....

I know that heaven will be warm, so I won't have to wear shoes and a coat. It just seems logical to me. Blue sky and sunshine that is the way it should be.

The AD office must have know I would be at the beach already so they decided to have the big yearly dinner at the beach. How thoughtful of them to think of me. One less dress to pack , YES!! I can wear my usual attire, t-shirt, short pants of some kind and my shoe of choice. I am so pasty white though. Geezzzzz. Maybe by the party I can get a little color. I'll take lots of pictures so I hope everyone will be waiting with baited breath for them.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

6 days to the sand pit....

This was taken the night before I left AD at our going away party last year. I was in tears and a pretty difficult time but I knew I would get back there some day.

I was moved out of our villa, so the night before i left we stayed at the Shangri la Hotel across the water way from the mosque. It was really pretty at night and the early morning when I was taking pictures. I got some really good pictures and I liked this one the best.

Got word that Mr Sam's company finds that it is important to send me with him on his trip this week.(lights went on) I am going to to company yearly dinners at these different cities. Well this may put my job search off a few days. Do you think some one would hire me when I'm in town and let me go when I needed to do a trip? I honestly get a little antsy when I am here for very long. I get to go to a new place. Kuwait City Kuwait. I have not been there so I hope to be able to get some pictures of it and go to the beach. We will also go to Doha, Qatar and Abu Dhabi, UAE later in the week and to the beach. Sam will go to Saudi and I will stay in AD. You have to have a good reason to go there and I don't really want to have any reason to go there and I don't have a visa so that makes that easy but I will go to the beach. I am going to try and take lots of pictures while i am there and go to the beach. I will return about the 25-6-7 , not sure. Does anyone want me to bring anything back to the US? I'm taking two bags full of things for friends there now. I feel kind of like Santa Claus who is going to the beach. So fun!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My new resolution

September 8 is a couple of things that are recorded as important days in my life. 1st it is my oldest brothers birthday and he would be 56 years old and 2nd is the one year mark that we have been back in the US after an over seas stint with Mr Sam's company. It has been 28 years since Mike was killed on August 13, 1982 and time has been on my side. Seems like yesterday that is still fresh in my memory or what I was doing that day I got the call. The last year has been a tough year for me. I have had lots of adjustments to deal with. I hope that I can get it together enough to get my life back full guns soon. I know I would feel lots better i I did. Mr Sam has been gone for about 150 days in the last year on over seas business trips. I have put about 20,000 miles on in my car and on my second set of tires. I have taken care of lots of kids along with my kiddos. Loved every minute of it. I have had lots of alone time which isn't fun at all. Still struggling with that one. I guess this post is to all women who might be in my stage of life: Remember what you used to like to do and do it. Find a purpose in your life with out your family. Love every moment you have when you are with them. It stinks still being 2 days away from them but I have to keep going when I'm here. I've been thinking about getting a job to entertain me a little. I figure something odd might be interesting and a challenge to do. Here are some of my thoughts on where I should try to be employed by: Walmart night shift stocking shelves(I want to learn some Spanish), be a gas station junk food cashier( I don't know what the proper name would be), laundry attendant at a nursing home, work at farm and fleet country store, the car wash place. I figure these are probably fairly non stress jobs. But the gas station one might be a little intense if someone wants to rob the place. humm didn't think of that till now. I may have to think about that. My main criteria is I don't want to buy any new clothes for the new job. I'm not a clothes horse. I'd rather spend it on a fun trip. So any ideas on jobs for me to search out here in good ole Muscatine, just drop me a line and let me know. xoxoxo S