Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chain saws are for Girls

 Just like old times except I had a chain saw.  Chain saws are for girls...
 Out here in Iowa we do the real thing... we chop and
 saw and saw a little more.  Look at the swelling in the arms??
Elder C:  "Elder H how are you feeling about the service you have done today?"  Elder H: Huh?  Elder C :  "Elder C, "Did you know that chain saws are for girls?"

4:06 AM a loud noise, I'm not going out side in the dark....

 I was all packed and ready to go this morning to Denver.  In the night I heard this loud noise and a crack.  I looked out in the dark and it was dark and so I didn't see anything.....  I got the car packed with the last of the junk and I thought i better take a look around the yard to see if anything was down and low and behold I found something.
 Inches away from the house.  Not even the rain gutter was damaged.  Elder C slept through it but Elder R heard it since he was the closest to the tree.
 The tree was from the snake pit on the cliff.  Yikes
This is going to be a mess and no I didn't leave for Denver and Utah this morning.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gremlins in the garage

  Their interpretation is a bit scary.  My life flashed before my eyes

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Elder Chores

Planting trees is kind of like rearranging furniture.  Sometimes you just have to move a tree and put the new one in that spot.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome to the family dinner

 Our new Elder H, a farm boy from Wyoming...
 Elder H just getting started
 Elder H thinking I do this every day!  hah
 Elder R on the attack.
 Elder C has probably got another 5 lbs this week, he has been packing it away.  hahaha
Yes they help clean up tooooo...

Last supper homemade pizza

 Looks like he has seen all the cob webs.
 I'll smile normal for the camera!
 Alert: nose flair
Stuffed to the gills, 9 medium size pizza's

More , more , more

Its all amazing each transfer they are called to new areas and they just do it.  They don't complain or pitch a fit they just do it.  So now you know parents the secret is out....

The new arrangements

Our new Elder on the far left, another farm boy from Wyoming.

The Girvinator,

 The past week was Elder G's last week, last supper, last bread making day, last p day , last planning day. last cleaning day.......

Transfer days are getting tougher on me.  Going to miss this one.

Cinnamon Rolls Elder Style

 Its all in the wrist on how it is rolled.
 A little squishing and squeezing and they some how get a nice roll.
 Who would have thought thread cuts dough??????  They giggle every time they do this.
 Don't forget to grease the pan.
Quality control working...
 Elder G taking charge and doing the next batch.
I think this is a dream of every of any young person to squeeze soft butter and not have your Mom yell at you.