Monday, October 26, 2009


Sam's beloved Cannon broke down.....dddddddda

200$ later

A new shutter...........

I told Sam that a good photographer always has a back up on a photo shoot, which I was on at the time of the failure.

He was in AD at the time and so I informed him of what a good photographer has (all on the phone) as he was doing 15 other things trying to listen to me, but did I ever get his attention with that one. ahahahahh

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My trip to Cedar City

Terri and I were up late one night learning how to make our AD lamps in to American lamps.
I pushed the wire through and she would catch them. We did 5 lamps that night, Home Depot is our kind of store.
We didn't get into to much trouble.
This was looking off the balcony off the "Cook Castle" on the hill. Fun time next time I'll stay longer.... It was a two fold trip, to see the gang but also to get my "Pots" from AD that came in her shipment. The pots were real survivors, minimal damage and they even made it the cornfields with out any "oops".

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Other Random Carnival pictures

The master mind and creator of the Carnival..........................Mom Melissa
The kids had to produce a ticket to particitate in an activity. It took a a few minutes for the kids to figure it out but they soon were collecting more and more tickets everywhere to be able to go to the bounce house, ring toss, bean bag toss, tattoo corner, penny stack, and homemade rootbeer and popcorn. They got prizes when completed the task and soon the prizes were gone.
Carnival supporter Dad AKA the Gate Keeper for any attempted escapes.
Kids are funny when it comes to presents, they choose presents they would like to have them selves and so it was a little bit of separation anxiety when they realized it was for the Birthday girls. Isabelle soon figured out what the Party was about and caught onto the present concept pretty fast. She soon asked me, "Swimming Grandma, the birthday girls are thirsty can you get me a drink of rootbeer?"She was working up a thrist opening presents and Aubrey decided to let Sissy take care of it and she went back to playing in the bounce house.

Come to the Carnival

Uncle Bobbie the hairy carnie...... AKA this bounce house bouncer.
Brother Barlow is the girls substitute primary chorister that they think is so funny. He got an invite and came to the carnival. They did the famous Welcome Song with the 42 attending carnival kids.
Auntie Hanna maned the front gate and took tickets , took pictures , put on name tags , handed out prize bags and collected the loot. She can multy task!!!!!
The 4 year old Carnie Girls. Showing their fist Barbie.