Tuesday, November 13, 2012


6 more weeks of these two pantry robbers.......

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Confinement

 I didn't realize carving pumpkins would take 3 hours...
 Precise cuts ....
 And yes we eat when ever we do anything thing here.  Homemade pizza was delish.
 I had high hopes for a treaters but once again no one came.  The bag was never opened and I'm not going to open it unless there is an emergency.
 The end result
 The recreation of scarey...
 They love it..
 Make me proud..
Gottcha  that flash is bright eh???

Oh Halloween Why?

 Halloween tends to bring out the inner child in all adults..... Our own "Don Ho" and Billy the Kid"
 A little John Travolta action...
 Ooooooooh Yea............
 And that is how you do it!!
 Not sure these two can go to the Ward Halloween Party with out me!!
Absolute Trouble

It's time again another etiquette lunch...mmmmm

 Lasagna , tomato and mozzarella salad, soup, garlic bread and angle food cake with real whip cream.
 It is always fun to have them interested in what I'm doing.  Elder H was really getting into the perfect lasagna noodle.
 Elder W making the meat mixture with all the seasonings and just the right amount of sauce.
 Building it was like building a building for them. " Oh"this is how you do this.
I turned my back long enough for them to over load the cheese portion of the top but they seemed to be pretty happy with their master piece.
 Yummy, probably the best thing there is ever to eat.
 Doesn't everyone buy two loves of garlic bread and burn the first one?
 They set the table and folded the napkins after one demonstration.
So bring it on Spanish Elders lets learn to eat properly.  "NO " please don't hold your spoon like a shovel,  "No" if i can hear you chew you have too much food in your mouth,  "Yes ", the napkin goes on your lap and it is used to dab your mouth when you have food all over it, and yes all the food on your plate is for you but that doesn't mean you have to eat it all.  unless you are elder H :)

Starving NOT

P day Monday I tend to cook it up good for them.  They have time to enjoy it and there is never any left over.  Happy faces +Happy Elders= All is well in the Zion.