Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is it!!!!

On the Fort Madison Bridge, it was stopped due to a bardge going through. So it was a good time to get out and take a few pictures and hoot and haller. Being young and conquering the world is a great thing. I know I do it everyday...hahahah
Cool Dudes!
My Elders and Mr. Sam
Great Day and lots of happy people.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Elder Ferrin's last sunday night in Muscatine

A little melancholy at the fireside tonight. Two years have gone to fast. He is excited to go home and then he's sad to be leaving also.
The ceremonial burning of a suit. His little fireside camper friends didn't quit understand it but it was pretty liberating for him. A couple of hoots and a happy sign of a final check off of his list.
The pants dripping in the heat. Yes dripping...
Bubba moved his chair enough times to finally get one of the girls to move so he could be next to Elder Ferrin.
Elder Russell taking it all in so in the next 20 months he will know what and how to do the burn.

Pioneer Past Times in Nauvoo

Sissy walking a little taller and not to much straighter.
Aubrey playing the games of long ago.
Bubba taking his post and not allowing anyone else on the horse.

Kirtland, Ohio

We took a couple of days and went east. Cleveland , Kirtland area. Stopped at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, saw the church sites in Kirtland and saw the first temple the church built.
It was built with lots of faith and lots of hard work from the early members of the church.
The traveling warriors, Bubba was evicted from the tour due to non compliance.
The three musketeers ready to reload the snack wagon and get on the road.

Hot Dog Roasting Class 101

Bubba was in charge of his own stick, dangerous!!
Sometime they look so much a like. I couldn't tell you who is who here.
Pappa and Bubba working on their dogs...
So happy to just be outside...
Waiting for the bugs to come out and bite us. But it was to cold so our candles weren't lit tonight.

Elder Ferrin practicing...

Elder Ferrin practicing up on his big brother swing pushing skills. He is going home this week and has been practicing all the skills to being a big brother.
Sissy and Elder Ferrin sharing a photo op..

Bubba checking out the baby frog that the girls found. The prince frog was finally let go in the bayou where his family was. To our disappointment the family wasn't there to greet him home but we are sure he made it there.

News Alert!!!

Elder Russell is eating something green, could it be a vegetable?

How could anyone deny this face and those lips???

The kissing lips that people pay big bucks for. In our family its a dominant genetic trait.
Bubba's 2ns birthday party with his best buds Eli and Frazer. Can you just imagine the three in about a dozen years?
I'll huff and puff and I did it!!!
Lego's from Gramma is the best!!