Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

Did you know?

 The Elders are working on their cooking skills each friday when they make bread.  This day I showed them how to make cinnamon rolls.  They were amazed at how easy it was and that you can cut dough with a piece of thread.
 I'm not sure how many they ate that day before they left the house but they were all full of bread when they were done.
The excitement was over whelming for them.

The Birthday Party that changed my life.....

 Baby, I just want to eat your face.
 The Hawaiian themed party was produced by my Elders.  They were in charge of the whole thing.
 Don't I look lovely..
 Yummy teriyaki hambergers , salsa, chips, pineapple and fruity smoothies........
 The four Elders in costume...
 This one is for his Moma R.
 The girlie's enjoying the party,
 Elder C , enjoying his burger.
 Elder H having a big drink of smoothie.
 Elder G was so busy keeping the activities going that I didn't get a single shot of just him.  Sorry fam.  More to come of him next week.
They couldn't wait to get their FULL attire on for the this photo opp.......

Niabi Zoo in Davenport

 The train was a big high light at the end of the day.  The zoo is small enough that you could enjoy it and see the animals. The air was cool and the animals were all out feeling the fresh air.
 Zander being pampered by the girls.  Push me Aubrey....
 My two monkey's, Aubrey and Isabelle
 Long necks at a zoo??
I told you do not take a picture of me.  My missing the last two steps of the deck were  not fun.

Iowa City Children's Museum

 This place is like Disneyland.  The kids love this place.  Baby wanted down so bad and to be a part of the fun time.  Next year Baby.
 At the Pizza House they loved it.  They prepared, cooked and served pizza to us.

 The airplane was a hit for Zander.  He flew for an hour.
Baby thought it was pretty cool too.

Roasting the Mellows

 For some reason other than being 3, this picture keeps reappearing.
 This mega smore looks painful Sissy.
 Mommies always share.
 Aubrey just happy to be outside and eating mellows till I'm sick.
Best Friends ....

Soccer Coach Elders.... 2-3 grade girls teams

 The Elders got their dose of chatty 8-9 year girls.  Yikes  was their reaction....
 "Do girls really talk that much?"  "Do they fight all the time?""Man they are competivie!"
 Have you ever coached in your shirt and tie??? Inquiring minds want to know.
 Elder G(our gentle giant) and his cheering groupies.  English had the best record and Spanish not so much.  We wont talk about their record.
Do you think they are over dressed for the game???

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Off to Grandma's House

 The forrest really filled in fast this year due to the very warm winter we had.  I only shoveled snow 2 times.  It is going to be a dry summer if we don't get enough water.  So this could be the only time we really have green grass.  We don't have sprinkler systems here like everywhere else.  If it doesn't rain things get a bit brown.
Let the playing begin., roasting marshmallows, making mud pies in the mud kitchen, swinging on the swings, catching frogs, scootering around the streets.  

Kansas City and Missouri

 We made it through 3 new states for the g kids.  We left Colorado early on the 3rd morning and drove to Kansas City Missouri.  Driving through Kansas wasn't bad. We gave it 1 thumbs up.  Compared to Wyoming that will never get a thumb ever.  Missouri was a 2 thumbs up .  We made it to the temple open house and then toured the church sites.  It was a cold, rainy and windy day.  Pictures were not high on the list for the day.
We quickly got out for a picture and hurried back into the car for the next tour of Adam ondi amman and Far West.  There is a great little country store just up the road from Far West.  Highly recommend you go.  Straight north on the road of Far West.  Can't remember the name of it though.  We were prepared to leave Independence and the second puking happened.  Aubrey wasn't so lucky to have a nifty throw up bag.......  We were on our way to Iowa to Grandma's House.

3rd Annual Grandma Road Trip began......

Day 1: Mesa Verde , Colorado.  After a few hours of trying to get out of Salt Lake we made it to Southern Colorado about 9pm.  To end the night just 10 miles to the hotel the puking started.  We had a nifty puke bag for poor Sissy.  (the kind you have in the ER)  She filled the thing pretty good and we kept the car clean.  Yea!!!  Sissy felt lots better.
Day 2: Early the next morning we drove up into the mountains to see the dwellings. It was an amazing site.  The kids enjoyed the area.  Aubrey and Isabelle did the tour with their Mom.  Zander , Baby and my self stayed back due to nervousness on our part weather Zander could handle the responsibility.  We probably woke the dead with wailing and nashing of teeth when he was told he wouldn't be going on the tour.  We had a long talk about it and decided he would be ready for the next one.
 Ranger Clyde was their leader and loved to tell stories of the early ancestors.
He was a big boy and watched the tour go on with out us..

Zander the Commander turns Three

 T-REX was taking over his cake this year.  Mom did a great job on the design and paper art work!!  Way to go Mom!!
 Blowing out 3 candles is so much easier than blowing out the candles in my cake this year!!  I nearly burned the house down .
 His new stash stole the show with the protruding mouth object....
He was a  happy boy on his birthday.  

Transfers back in April


Elders R and M in the April transfers.   The two were excellent Spanish Elders.  

Golf School

 Some golf swings resemble something out of an instruction book on what you shouldn't look like.....

 and some look pretty good....and some don't .......