Friday, February 19, 2010

Pubesent Engineers

The winning bridge. The five card , 9 inch span and to qualify had to be able to hold the two rolls of pennies.
The Team of Bridge Builders, Beyond the coolness, they actually did very well.
Mr. Sam offering his wisdom and thoughts of "Back when I did this .............
The team had one design in progress then soon the light came on and in the second design in the last 15 minutes they made the winning "kicking machine"!!!!! We will prevail!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mr Sam goes golfing in India

Mr. Sam and his very own caddie Raul. First time in history he never lost a ball. His caddie was worth every one of the two dollars that he cost.
Mr. Sam in the middle of a very large sand pit in his sandals with socks. Oh I just love this guy. He makes me laugh.
Mr. Sam has had a good day.....

New Delhi India

Mr Sam is out of the office and the hotel. This is the oldest Mosque in ND.
He said that there were lots of dogs just laying around. Not many cats like in AD.
This Mosque was built in the late 1200's
It is a very pretty spot in a very densely populated city. Mr Sam headed home after 21 days of lots of work and lots of time away. I missed him and didn't like being alone in IOWA , so next month I get to go to Arizona and Utah while he's gone YEA!!!!

Beruit Lebonan

Mr. Sam went to a conference in Beruit and lucky for him the conference was in the hotel. He didn't have to go anywhere or walk out side. Hotel pool that looked pretty abandoned.
City of Beruit from the hotel window. The airport next to the sea.
Quarter turn and another view of the city. Off to AD and Qatar. I didn't get pictures of those places since we have lots of those.

Mr. Sam goes toward the SUN....

Mr. Sam spent three weeks in the sunshine or at least was in a building in the sunshine. He isn't really big at all on sight seeing or taking pictures but I sent the point and shoot and told him to go wild with the camera so he could be apart of the blog and have something to post. One evening while in Saudi Arabia at an airport somewhere there I asked him if the airport was nice and modern. He said oh yes its nice and has lots of light and not to crowded. hahah So here is proof and the KSA .
This is SA, not sure of what city and not sure of what we are looking at. Thats it as far as pictures go... on to the next.