Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pizza Extravaganza

Well tonight the Elders were home at 9 and I promised them pizza. So Elder R requested BLT and Elder C requested Hawaiian. How many of you have eaten a BLT with hot mayo? Gross. With Elder C's birthday punch, they are full and happy now. They have another baptism on Saturday and they are pumped for that. Elder C will be doing the honors and Elder R will give him his gift. It's been a great week.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Missionary Moment

S Stone to Missionaries (last week): "you guys should turn your socks right side out". Figured deaf ears heard that one. Quiet ,"OK". Elder R: S Stone (this morning): "I had to rewash my socks they still stunk bad". S Stone to Elder R: "why do they stink if you washed them once already? " Elder R:"Oh I turned them so they aren't all bunched up." S Stone: "Oh "(smiling) 1 step at a time. I cringe at the thought of how my two washed their socks. So glad their wives are teaching them so well. xoxox

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy birthday to you!!

Being alert in the morning is a talent. I heard comments like "what?" "sweet" "no way". He is watching his birthday singing telegram from his niece and nephews
Paula Dean's spice cake recipe is the one. I know it looks like a sleepy person did this but its not how it looks that counts but what it tastes like Right?
No they don't get computer time. It was just sitting there
I've never heard of an Elder being excited about getting an Ensign for his birthday, "sweet".

It's going to be a great day!!

My Mom Moments

There are no pictures for this post just some happy thoughts. Just so you all know I love ALL of my kids and have Mom moments with all of them but in the last few weeks these I remember.

I had the privilege of attending Paul and Leah's graduation from George Mason University. You would think the moment was this but it wasn't. I am very proud of the both of them and the accomplishment of their Masters is a great thing. In fact envious of this. As I helped pack them up and move them back west we stopped along the way the first night in West Virginia. Here is were I had my moment. Leah and I were following Paul in the Sess(ford explorer) named so lovingly for being the ever so reliable and quality dog carrying vehicle. While pulling into the hotel parking with the long moving truck and the long trailer that had the car on it, Paul was in some pretty tight places with his rig. It was difficult to find a safe place to park it by the hotel. Paul moved numerous times after being not in areas that were assessable to the security parking to large rigs. One peticular moment Paul backed this rig up around a pole and into an alley way with such ease and accuracy that I sat there in total amazement. I'm sure most truckers on the road couldn't have done what he had just done. And I might say he didn't have to start over at all. One time and the job was done. I'm sure your thinking the proud moment wasn't graduation? It was backing up the moving truck with the car trailer. It was a Mom Moment

As most of you know the Missionaries for our little Iowa town live in our basement. We have had them since the last week of March. We had sent home one missionary the middle of May as his mission time was complete. He brought his family back last week and they stayed with us over night. All 14 of them.(the teenage sisters had to sleep in the camper tent outside) Mission house rules. When I saw the family in the parking lot for the first time and saw Elder Ferrin I watched Elder R walk toward him with the biggest smile and they embraced and were so excited to see each other. It hadn't been even three weeks but they way it looked was as if it had been years. Elder F was Elder R's trainer. I had heard that that bond is close but here is where I saw two.... that had become brothers. Another Mom moment for me. And I am not even their mom.

The most recent Mom Moment was last night. As some of you may know I played softball last night. Our ward has a team and the scouts are at scout camp and so what do they do to fill in spots on the one of the oldest women in the ward to fill in. DA what were they thinking!!! Any way my moment to shine was up and I was on and i was trying to hit the stupid ball and I have two elders yelling and cheering me on, "go Sister Stone hit the ball ", "You can do it", and finally they said "hey, she is our mom ". I lost my concentration and got struck out.
I did hit the ball in the later innings, just so you all know I'm not too old to play softball.

I'm one lucky mom!!

I'm going to try and write down my Mom Moments. I have had many of them but writing them down will help me remember.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My trip to the Amish Bakery in Kalona brought ..

pies home to the wired Missionaries....... I wasn't going to make Elder R eat the strawberry/rhubarb pie but when I told him that is all there was, he quietly told me that he didn't care for the kind. HAHAHAH It was really peach. The tops had hearts one the crust and these two found quiet funny.
Elder R to Elder C: " Do you know what a moon pie is?" Elder C to Elder R : "No, why?" Elder R to Elder C: "It's got a crater in it!" (He so quickly stuck his finger in the pie. It was funny, you might have had to been there.
How do you delete the second one??
End to a great day!! MP is coming tomorrow. Well won't that be fun!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Princess Frogs

The princess frogs have been held captive in the window well of the missionaries.
Elder Clarke and Russell have had these beauties in the window well for some time. Tonight they let them free in the forest.
Dream on Elder Russell.....
Let me introduce to you our new Elder Clarke. He is from Odgen, Utah. He is one of an eleven members in his family. He is adjusting to the house and seems to enjoy himself here. He has been out for 11 months. The elders are doing well and are looking good after giving themselves haircuts. I was impressed with their abilities and they have a baptism this week.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We have a "Mormon Princess" in our family

Monument at Carthage. I found out that Leah is the numerous great granddaughter of Hyrum Smith. When we left Virginia Leah told her friend that I was going to take them to Nauvoo and Carthage. Leah explained what they were and why she was interested in these places of interest. She then told Leah "your a mormon princess". So, yes she is!

At the gravesite of her grandfather, Hyrum Smith
Family picture, Paul holding Jack, statue of Uncle Joseph and grandfather Hyrum, Leah holding Charlie.

DC Temple Grounds

Leah and Annaliese posing again for me.
This temple had so many good sides to get great pictures.
Family pic for the Master Stone's. Paul holding Jack and Leah holding Charlie
Auntie Hannah or Annaliese to others.

Is this what graduate school does to you?

Bald is really smart...
In his high school graduation he wanted the yellow cord so he went to Cal Ranch and got his own, "a big one", this graduation he got a hood.

Charlie posing again for pictures. He is such a prince.
Great picture guys. Paul you actually smiled a little and Leah your hair looks to hot!!!

I'm done for now.....

Nice teeth Leah.
Leah and Charlie receiving their degree.
Proud moment for Paul. Tomorrow will be his day.
Two beautiful girls, love them lots.