Saturday, June 11, 2011

My trip to the Amish Bakery in Kalona brought ..

pies home to the wired Missionaries....... I wasn't going to make Elder R eat the strawberry/rhubarb pie but when I told him that is all there was, he quietly told me that he didn't care for the kind. HAHAHAH It was really peach. The tops had hearts one the crust and these two found quiet funny.
Elder R to Elder C: " Do you know what a moon pie is?" Elder C to Elder R : "No, why?" Elder R to Elder C: "It's got a crater in it!" (He so quickly stuck his finger in the pie. It was funny, you might have had to been there.
How do you delete the second one??
End to a great day!! MP is coming tomorrow. Well won't that be fun!!

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