Friday, October 28, 2011

District Meeting, last one for this group.

They are so werid... it must be a missionary thing
At the fire pit working off their lunch after eating a gallon of homemade chicken noodle soup and 2 1/2 loaves of bread , 2 cups of frozen strawberry jam.
Smile your on camera! hahaha
We celebrated a couple of mile stones. Elder Ferrell has been out serving for 6 months now so he sacrificed a tie from the sacrificial tie box. It was cold out so they were in a hurry and used more accelerant than wood. This tie was really fighting the fire though. It just didn't want to burn.. 6 down and 18 to go.
Elder Stachitus also has been serving 6 months and put his tie out at the stake. It went up quickly with out much help. A quarter of the way down.

Elders had too much time on their hands

This tutorial parents is to let you know your sons can make cinnamon rolls.
They learned how to cut dough with thread. Totally amazed at how simple that was.Deep concentration.......................................................................................................
Team work, Elder S knows better than to want to stick his hands in that.
A little crisco and you can take your hands out of this alive....

Guest photographers posting a few of their favorites

The Brothers headed out of the city one last time.
Beautiful shot of the Nauvoo Temple. I believe in the forground is Elder S
Earlier shot of the temple.
The two sets of hard working Elders doing what they like to do best... ride in the car.
Last trip to the temple before he heads home to bright sunny Arizona.

The team working....

Sissy and Auntie Sarah busy making the pie crusts look good and get the fork pokes. Keep stirring Uncle Bobbie don't forget you have the other key ingredient in your hands.
Steve rolled for 4 1/2 hours.. He had sore form arms the next day.
The team taking a minute for a picture for posterity.
Putting the final touch of cool whip on the 33 pies this year.
Team work Uncle Tj and Auntie Hannah filling the custard in the shells. This is how its done people. This year is probably the first I didn't lift a finger. Maybe not the first but not counting the 4 years I was in Abu Dhabi.

Conference Weekend

The team lined watching conference after a fun morning of making pies
Poor Baby he isn't thrilled but manages to survive Aubreys care.
See what I made??

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Pool Partay!!!!

The deck observer was amazed at the chaos.
Bubba in a manuver...
One of them with Auntie Hannah
The other one with Auntie Sarah....
Bubba with his Pops..... More fun than they ever dreamed.

Happy Birthday to my 6 year old Girlies !

Six Years where has the time gone???? I know but I won't talk about it. The girls are so happy and so busy and so smart and and and and............... Grandma loves you!!!
One month before Mr T came to the family. One month old all ready and chunking out just as fast as the days fly by. He has taken the family on with lots of help and lots of holders at home. He will be well taken care of by all the domineering women in the house.
Bubba had a great time at the swimming birthday party. He has conquered the big green slide and has some sick monuvers going on in the big toy slide. He starts on his bottom and comes out on his stomach. He thinks he has mastered it. It was great to watch and great when he was asleep before we left the parking lot.
The Birthday Girls, the photo shoot wasn't really to fun for them. They wanted to do other things since it was their birthday. Love you both....

Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Duo

Elder Figueroa is the newest house mouse. His name can range from "Fig" to "Figgy" and does answer to hey you when I can't think of his name. Get to work boys no time to loose....

Friday, October 7, 2011

The lessons we learn at milking time...

Bubba's first time up on the chair to give Betsy a little squeeze. He might even do it again.
Aubrey a regular pro, three squeezes , turn and smile for a photo.
Sissy testing her hand muscles. This time at the farm they had the opportunity to watch the Dr. artificially inseminate Betsy. Lessons of Life and the birds and the bees have been discussions lately due to the arrival of their new brother. Sissy to her mom: Why is that man sticking his arm in her butt? Mom to Sissy: That is how Betsy hopefully will have a baby calf. Sissy to Mom; Why? Mom to Sissy: Just Because that is how its done. Sissy to Mom: I'm glad I'm not a cow!

Farm Time

Thanksgiving Point Farm is a fun place to take the kids. They always get to see something new when they are there. Riding the horses are the first things they want to do.
Bubba loves to do it himself....

Elder Stach has Tree Mail

Someone is a happy camper tonight. Nothing like mail from home. He has numerous letters and numerous things in the box. Yea for Stach!
2 items today for Elder Stach. Happy missionaries= Big Smiles

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Red Neck Garden

Only at my brothers would you find a garden like this.
Yes that is an electric fence around the tomatoes and a dozen or so different kinds of peppers.
Why remove the power source from its original space when you can bring it to the garden also. Maybe the scarecrow comes out of the car when the deer are out. I know if you see a blinker going on in the night give Craig a call and tell him to go turn the car off the battery is charged.