Friday, October 5, 2012

October Transfers WOW!!!!!!

 Load em up and head em out.... I wish i had everything i needed in a few suitcases. That is the life.
 Dont you love the yellow of that tree in the back round.
 "Holy Crap" as Elder C so boldly stated, was caught off guard  in his announcement that he was headed back with Elder R.  Do you think they are excited or what?  They will rock your world people talk to them.  
 Who is this?  What???
 Elder H all smiles with his look a like  Elder Archie , singing their heat out!
 Elder H and his newby from the longhorn state, Elder
 Wait a minute I think I know who this is?
 The gangs all back.......
 Do you think Elder C could be any more dorkyer?  But we still love him!   With Elder F , Elder M and Elder

 A little snuggle always helps Elder S after being taken away from his companion  the newest Elder AP M, and of course our favorite Elder R.
 I know him.............
 My three are back together for a moment, Elders, R.C and yes Elder G
Elder R : AP Elder M i'll blow in your ear just this once,  
 The new ZL for our area, Elder S and Elder F
Ok Family, let me introduce you to your new Elder G, and his new companion Elder A  Holy Smokes!!!!!  

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