Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bubba, the good little brother

Now that Bubba crawls, climbs, and walks around furniture and gets into everything including trying to barge in on the Barbie and Polly Pockets play time with "The People". I have heard on several occasions, "Seriously Mom can't you get him out of here"?
When Bubba is not encroaching in on "The People" he is connected to his Momma's hip. Oh how he loves his Momma. Just loves her to death. He really can't even explain how much he loves his Momma. In the New Year the time will come when .......... he becomes Big Boy Bubba.

"The People" and I did a big baking afternoon making Christmas Cookies. After much deliberation on what kind of sprinkles and frosting and shapes and who's cookies are who's and making sure they keep their cookies are on their cookie sheet, because we didn't want anyone else to sample their special cookies the rolled , sprinkled , frosted and licked . The all afternoon cookie making extravaganza was a success when they delivered Grandma's cookies to the neighbors houses and asked them if they would like them to sing them a song. Only "The People".....

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